Glory to You, O Lord, and Blessed is Your Majesty. 
There is no God besides You.
I seek refuge with God, from the condemned devil.

Remembrance of Allah

(In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

... and Allah, The Praised and Exalted,


"And if My servants ask about Me-

 Behold, I am near!

 I respond to the call of the person who calls unto Me,

whenever he calls unto Me.

Let them respond unto Me then,

and Believe in Me,

so that you might follow the Right Path."

"Believe in what" I "bestowed from on High,"

"and worship Me alone,"

"confirming the Truth."

"And, of Me,

of Me, be conscious..."

"Remember Me,

and I will Remember you,

and be thankful unto Me,

and do not reject Faith."

(In The Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

(select Qur'anic gems: 2:186, 2:91, 20:14, 2:41 and 2:152)


This is a website based on the Hadith of the 99 Names of Allah, welcome.
 "God has ninety-nine names and whoever enumerates and prays to them enters Paradise."  His Names are infinite, majestic, great and glorious and specific and unique to Him alone and are those of perfection.  It is my understanding Islam recognizes those in the Qur'an, Hadith and Sunnah of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.  But, even with them the number is also infinite with infinite understanding.  These are ones found there.  I am writing my way to Paradise.  I am doing it this way because I have a firm belief that because I am not six years old I cannot sing the song of the 99 Names of Allah and that will swing it.  Plus, most Islamic clerics believe that women are inherently evil and never enter paradise.

  Other religions also possess Names of God.  For example, Judaism also has an equal number because we worship the same God of Abrahim.  But also, Catholicism has a few too, like The Most High, The Almighty, The First, The Last, and the Creator of the Heavens and the earth, Praised and Exalted is He and High, Most High, Most Great.  However, the bible has changed many times so some may have been lost.  In addition, the Prophet Jesus (Issa)'s peace and blessings be upon him, work were destroyed after his death at some point though I don't really know why.

At the end of time, the repentant angel Iblis and mankind will stand before Allah, as well as the angels lined up, as well as a Prophet from each nation. It will be Iblis, may Allah's mercy be upon him, or the Believers among mankind who will be brought to Paradise.  You see the angel Iblis, may Allah's Mercy be upon him, would not bow down before mankind what Allah created and he offended Allah and he was cast out until the end of time when his judgment would be rendered along with mankind's as an aggregate whole.

Paradise, The Light, The Peace, with pure flowing rivers beneath.  And, pure paradise springs to drink from versus nothing to eat or drink in Hellfire.  The choice is yours and mine...

May Allah be pleased.  Praised and Exalted is He,
and High, Most High, Most Great.  Venerated is He.

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Allah is "The Most Merciful of the Merciful,"

"The Especially Merciful"

"The Forgiving"

"The Ever Forgiving"

"The All Forgiving!"

Praised and Exalted is He, and High, "Most High," "Most Great."

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

“We sent down that which is healing and a Mercy for the Believers.”

Verily, the Truth is “a spring from which those near to Allah drink”

“that heals the heart and is a Grace for those who Believe.”

“It is for those who Believe…

 a guidance and cure.”

(Qur’an 17:82, 83:28, 41:44)

(In the Name of God, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Allah is The Light, Our Salvation, and a Mercy to mankind,


 save whom there is no other.


 He alone effaces sins and is “The Acceptor of Repentance,

The Dispenser of Grace."


And, He Grants Divine Forgiveness,

and admits the repentant unto His Grace,

for “He is the Most Merciful of the Merciful,”

 “The One with whom all Salvation rests.”

And, “The Holy,” and The Forgiving “shows unto all
that seek His acceptance, the paths leading to salvation.

And, by His Grace, brings them out of the darkness into the Light,
and guides them onto a straight way.”


 “Utterly remote is He in His Limitless Glory,"
Majesty, and Infinite Mercy.


And, All worship, and Praise is His,

The Most Great, Most High!

(Qur’an 7:151, 5:16, 2:37, 59:23)


(In the Name of God, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Praised and Exalted is Allah,
The Absolver of Sin, the Most Forgiving.

For it is He who is The Forgiving of the sins of mankind,

and is The All Hearing who hears the prayers of the sincerely repentant, and is ever

The Most Merciful of The Merciful

to those who call unto Him, "whenever they call unto Him."

So, “ask Allah to forgive you your sins,

 for, verily, God is Most Forgiving, A Dispenser of Grace.”

Say: Heavenly Sustainer, “efface our sins, and grant us Your forgiveness,

and bestow Thy Mercy upon us.

For, Thou Art our Lord Supreme: 

succour us then against those who deny the Truth.”

For, “thy Sustainer is abounding in Forgiveness.” 

He forgives those “who pray for forgiveness with their innermost hearts,”

He “will efface their sin…” because “it is they who are truly Believers.”


He “has promised those who attain to Faith, and do good works,

that theirs shall be forgiveness of sins, and a mighty reward.”

“Theirs shall be great dignity in thy Sustainer’s sight…

and, a most excellence sustenance.”


They are those who “have forsaken the domain of evil,

and are striving hard in God’s causes,”

“who are patient in adversity,” and give in charity.


“Behold, Allah is indeed The Absolver of Sin, Most Forgiving.” 

He Loves those who Love Him, and who worship Him alone.


And, "whether you do good openly, or in secret,

or forgive others for what others have done to you:

behold, Allah is indeed The Absolver of Sin, infinite in His power,”

The All Powerful.


“He invites unto Paradise, and unto forgiveness by His leave;

and He makes clear His messages unto mankind…”

“Forgiveness awaits them,“ with Gardens of Paradise to dwell therein,
and Paradise springs flowing beneath.


(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

“Hallowed is God," “The Sustainer of the earth,"

"The Sustainer of the Heavens," The Sustainer of all the worlds:"

our Revered and Honored "Creator" and "Sustainer."

Praised and Exalted is He, "Most High,""Most Great."

Blessed is He “who created the Heavens and the earth in six aeons,”

and all that is on them,

“brought them into being,” and sustains them. 


“Enthroned in His Almightiness” is our "Creator" and "Sustainer,"

who “covers the day with the night in swift pursuit,

with the sun and the moon and the stars subservient to His command."


And, He alone is “The Creator of all things,”
who governs “all that exists," and sustains them.

And, "His is all creation and command."

And, God bestowed all of this upon mankind

as "Signs from on High,

as a means of insight for thee,”

so that you might worship Him, and give Him thanks and praise.


“Worship, then, Him alone, and remain steadfast in His worship.”

For, “ Dost thou know any whose name is worthy
to be mentioned side by side with His?”


No! For, “There is none like unto Him,” 

no deity but Him.

And, “Utterly remote” is He, “in His Glory!”


Even “the angels extol their Sustainer’s limitless Glory and praise,

and ask for forgiveness for all who are on earth.”

"And thus, all praise is due to God, Allah,

The Sustainer of the heavens,


The Sustainer of the earth...

The Sustainer of all the worlds.”

(Qur’an:  7:54, 45:36,  21:56, 13:16, 10:3, 17:102, 19:65, 43:82, 42:5)


(In The Name of God, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

"Unto Allah belongs all that is in the Heavens and the earth.”

And in Him “let the Believers place their trust.”


For, “none is as worthy of trust as God.”


"And, verily, God Loves those who place thy trust in Him.”


(Qur’an: 3:109, 3:160, 4:81, 3:159)

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful

" I surrender myself unto Thee,"
O Lord,

"The Sustainer of all the worlds,"

and to no other.

For, "Judgment rests with You alone,"

and You art a "support unfailing...

which shall never give way!"

I vow to be "steadfast in patience and prayer,"

and ever enduring in Faith unto You, O Allah, 

for "there is no deity but" You,

none like unto You.

I remain "truly devout to" only You,

and "bow down" to none other but Thee,

for You Art worthy of all Praise and All Glory!

And, "I worship" Thee alone!

My "Creator," and My "Sustainer,"

"The Lord" and "Cherisher of all the worlds!"

"The Creator of everything!"

I surrender, and prostrate before only Thee,

And, I give thanks to only Thee!

For, I am never

"too proud to worship You,

and extol Your Limitless Glory!"

(Qur'an gems: 2:131, 2:153, 2:83, 6:57, 6:102,
1:2, and 7:206)


(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Praised and exalted is The Lord on High, The Most High, 

who is exalted far above

others they may associate with Him.

For He alone is The Creator and Sustainer of the Heavens and the earth!

And,“It is God who bestows the Divine Writ from on High

setting forth The Truth…”

to help mankind to "discern Truthhood from falsehood,"

to Guide them from evil and corruption,

and from setting others before Him, or besides Him.


For, He is The One True God most worthy of all Praise and worship.

  And, The Divine Message He alone bestowed

 “confirms the truth of whatever still remains
from the earlier Revelations,”

to Guide the Believers towards steadfastness in Faith,

towards unity and Belief in His Oneness,

towards charity, righteousness and purity of Faith.

And, “It is God who makes clear His Messages to mankind,

so that they may remain conscious of Him.”

For, He alone is "The Sovereign of Mankind,"

"The Lord of Mankind," and Lord of all creation.

And, God is Greatest. There is none like unto Him,

and there is no other Lord or god besides Him.

So, Believe in Him, for He is the Truth from on High, 

and is The Guide to The Right Path.

And, His Holy Word, “is a Guidance,

and glad tidings for the Believers.”


And, “all True Guidance is God’s Guidance.”


So, “extol Allah for Guiding you aright,

and render thanks unto Him.” 

 And, sing Him Praises and be grateful unto Him!


For, indeed, “God is Most High, Great.”

And, All Glory, all worship,

and “all might belongs to God alone,”


The Lord on High, "The Most High," "The Exalted."

(Qur’an:  2:185, 2:176, 2:187, 3:73, 2:97, 4:34, 2:165, and 114)

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

"O our Sustainer!  Forgive us our sins....

For, Thee alone do we worship,

and unto Thee alone do we turn to for aid."

And, Bestow Your Mercy Upon us Lord,

For You alone are The "Truly Exalted, Tremendous!" 

And, "Grant us Thy Forgiveness, O Our Sustainer,

for with Thee is all Journey’s End."

 (Qur’an 3:147, 1:5, 2:255, and 2:285)

“O our Sustainer! We "surrender ourselves unto Thee,”
for You alone are The Path to Salvation.

“For Behold! “ You, "are the Acceptor of Repentance,
a Dispenser of Grace,” and Mercy.

“Verily, God Loves those who turn in Repentance to Him,” 

for His Divine Love is unbounded, 

 His Forgiveness unparalleled.

His Mercy…infinite.

 And they who turn unto Him,

“It is they whom their Sustainer’s Blessings
and Grace are bestowed;

it is they who are on the Right Path.”

And, “God invites unto Paradise, and unto Forgiveness by His Leave,” 

to those who pray for “Forgiveness from their innermost hearts.”

“This is because God will never change the blessings of a people,
unless they change their inner selves.”

 Please Grant us Your Acceptance of Repentance,

Most Merciful Lord, and accept my Forgiveness.

And, Guide us and Help us to live righteous lives,

and keep to the Straight Path as ordained by Thee.

“For God shows unto all that seeks His goodly acceptance
the Paths leading to Salvation,

leading them of the depths of darkness into the light,

and guides them onto a Straight Way.”

(Qur’an 2:128, 2:54, 2:222, 2:157, 2:221, 3:17, and 5:16) 

(In the Name of God, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Life's Journey can take us down many paths.

The Right Path is the one chosen by those who

Believe in God,

and worship Him alone,

 and treat others with Peace and kindness.

"...And the followers of The Most Merciful are the ones
who walk

gently on this earth in kindness..."

(Qur'an 25:63)

Allah, (God), is The Source of Peace.

The Prophet Muhammad, Peace be Upon Him, said,

"We are all but equals.

No one has superiority over any other person,

except by piety and good deeds."

"Harm no one, lest harm may come to you."

(Last Sermon)

We are a Brotherhood of Mankind.

The Right Path is One of Peace and Mercy.

 And, do not allow your oaths in the name of God to become an

obstacle to virtue and God-consciousness,

 and the promotion of

 Peace between mankind.

 For, Allah is the All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

And because He is your Creator,

it rests with God alone to show you the Right Path..."

(Qur'an: 2:224, 16:9)

God will Guide those to the Truth whom He wills,

for He is The Most Compassionate, The Most Forgiving.

And, The Right Path of God
is one filled with Light,


and Truth. 

 "God is near unto those who have Faith in Him,
taking them out of Deep Darkness into the Light...

(Qur'an 2:257)

So, walk in Peace with your Brothers, gently on His Path...


"The Believers are but Brothers, so make peace

between your Brothers..."

"For, true servants of The Most Gracious 

 are those who walk gently on earth,

and who, whenever the unknowing speak to them, 

reply with words of peace."
(Qur'an 49:10, 25:63) 

And while, life's journey can be rocky and steep for us at times,

do not despair for God is there for us

for He alone is The Most Compassionate  -

 Guiding us back to the Straight Path --

 the Path of Love and Peace.

And, He will not try us past our limits.

His Revelations... 

"through which God shows unto all  that seek His Forgiveness,

 the paths leading to salvation and, 

by His Holy Grace,

brings them out of the depths of Darkness into the Light
and guides them onto the Right Path. "

(Qur'an 5:16)

And "help thy brother and sister if they fall" on the Right Path,

the kindness may one day be returned.

And, gently Guide others to the Truth of the Right Path for

it is the Believers upon whom Allah grants His Infinite Mercy.

 For, God Loves those who Believe in Him

who worship Him alone,

and who follow His Revelations:

"Those are the ones upon whom

are blessings from their Lord

and Mercy.

And it is those who

are Rightly Guided. "

(Quran 2:157)

Foster and nurture peace, compassion and understanding for

God's shares these same things with us.

The Straight Path is One of Faith and Belief in God.

"Verily, God will ward off all Evil from those who

attain Faith; but, 

 Allah does not Love anyone who betrays his Trust

and has no thankfulness."

 (Qur'an 22:38)

We, as Believers, are forever thankful to Allah 

for all of His Creations,

The Heavens and the Earth,

and for his infinite Bounty, Mercy and Forgivness.

And, we do kind deeds in His Holy Name.

For this is the Right Path.

And, The Right Path is

one filled with inner Peace and sanctity:

Peace in our Souls,

 and peace in our world.

"Verily, as for those who attain to Faith
and do Righteous good deeds,

 - the gardens of Paradise will be there to welcome them."

(Qur'an 18:107)

 So, Believe in Him,

 for He alone is the Guide to the Straight Path.

 "And but for God's favor upon you and His Holy Grace,

 some of those who are not true to even themselves 

will try to lead your astray from the Right Path; 

 yet none but themselves do they lead astray.

 Nor can they harm you in any way,

 since God has bestowed upon you from on High

 this Divine Writ and given you Wisdom,

and has imparted to you with the Knowledge

 of what you did not Know.

And God's favor upon you is tremendous indeed.

(Qur'an 4:113)

Evil may beckon to you to the Darkness, however,

Be strong in Faith and follow God's Path,

the Path of Light and Peace.

And, Love God,

for God does Love us.

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Blessed is God (Allah),

"The Owner of the Paths of Ascent."

And, all Glory and worship is due to Him alone, 

He who Guides one from "the Darkness to the Light,"

to the Right Path in life.

Praised and Exalted is He who can give of His Divine Grace,

Mercy and Forgiveness

to those who repent unto Him for
Allah is "The Absolver of Sins." " The Ever Forgiving"

And, Allah as "The Owner of The Paths of Ascent" 

blesses those who Believe in Him, 

and, who "follow the Path ordained by thy Sustainer"

with Gardens of Paradise in the Hereafter.

And, "He alone knows" best "the hearts of mankind,"

and is "The Most Forgiving," 

"The Most Merciful of the Merciful."

 His Noble Message is both a blessing,

and Guidance to us,

to help us to live our lives Righteously,

and to help Guide us to the Right Path in life,

and "the great attainment" of Paradise in the Hereafter.

 Praise and Glory be to Him

for He is "The Light,"
and "The Truth" to mankind, 

who gives of His Divine Repentance,
Forgiveness and Mercy.

For, "He alone is The Acceptor of Repentance,

A Dispenser of Grace."

"So walk gently on this earth" with kindness,

and, "give in charity,"

and be ever "conscious of Him" alone...

for this is the Path of Ascent,

"The Right Path" of Allah,

"The Owner of the Paths of Ascent."

 (Qur'an 70:3, 22:60, 2:199, 7:151, 2:37)

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Allah is "The Most Forgiving," "Most Merciful."

Praised and Exalted is He, and High, "Most High," "Most Great."

And, He wishes to bless you with His Mercy…

and give of His Forgiveness.


Verily, Allah Loves those who place their trust in Him alone,

who are conscious of Him,

and worship Him alone, rejecting evil.

And, those whom God Guides, none can lead astray.

But, He does not Guide those who reject Faith,

and who do not Believe in Him.

He Loves those who turn unto Him in repentance 

with a sincere heart.

Indeed, Allah will Love you and Forgive you your sins.

And, He is "The Most Forgiving,"

"The Most Merciful of the Merciful."

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Verily, God does not Love aggressors..

…So, walk gently on this earth

 and in this world's life with kindness...

Wish for peace for God is the Source of Peace

and reconciliation between people.

And, Give this Message of Goodwill through Brotherhood

and follow God's Guidance of Peace in this life and in the next.

And, Follow the Path of those who turn toward Him,

the Path Whom He Bestowed His Blessings,

the Path whose portion is not wrath.

Speak to all people in a kindly manner, 

and do good unto others, and...

Remain conscious of Him always,

and know that Allah is with those who are conscious of Him,

 and who do Righteous good deeds in life.

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

  From the depths of Darkness,

Allah will Guide those who Believe in Him into the Light,

an illuminating Light,

and Guide them onto the Righteous ways of those before you.

And He alone is "The Guide to The Right Path"...

the Path of Infinite Mercy and Forgiveness.

And, the greatest Happiness is the good pleasure of Allah,

The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

And, if He blesses you with His Mercy and Forgiveness,

none can take it away.

So ask of His Mercy, and ask for Forgiveness,

 for He Hears and Sees all things and He is The All Forgiving, Merciful Lord.

 Believe in Him and Worship Him alone, and

 He will bless you with His Mercy and Forgiveness,

And, follow the Revelations given unto you from Your Lord,

and you will have Gardens of Paradise to dwell in forever,

 the Great Attainment.

Rejoice and give thanks and praise

to The Most Merciful, The Forgiving,

good thanks for His great Grace and Forgiveness

and, for the Light and Wisdom

He descended down to the Messengers.

Verily, He alone is The Source of Light, The Source of Peace,

Grace and Mercy.

And to Him belong all thanks and praise...

for God

is full of Grace and Forgiveness to mankind and all creation.

Praised and Hallowed is He.

 (In the Name of God, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Allah is The Source of Health, Happiness and inner peace,

Praised and Exalted is He, and Most High.


For, “when I fall ill, He is the One who restores me to health...”

“And, unto all who have attained to faith,

He is Guidance and a Source of Health.”


And when, lonely and remorseful, I call unto Him.

His Guidance, His worship "is a Source of Happiness

to those who are drawn close unto God shall drink.”


"And, it is a sign of His rightful dominion, that you will

be granted a heart with inner peace."

For, “He bestows from on High through the Qur’an

all that gives health to the heart,

and it is a Grace for those who believe in Him.”

(26:80, 41:44, 83:28, 17:82)

(In the Name of God, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

“Everyone who surrenders their whole being unto God, and is a doer of good withal,

shall have his reward with our Sustainer, and all such need

have no fear, nor shall they grieve.”

For, “Verily, my protector is God, who bestows the divine writ from on High,

and it is He who protects the righteous.”


So, fear not, for the Ever Living Lord is with you, 

our Protector and Supporter,

Our Protecting Friend.

And, “He is full of concern for you,

full of compassion and Mercy for the Believers.”


He is my Lord, and your Lord,

and He hears all prayers and is The Eternal,

the Ever Living Lord of all mankind.


Indeed, “he who rejects the powers of evil and believes in Allah
has indeed taken hold of a support most unfailing, which shall never give way: 

for God is The All Hearing, All Knowing.”


 And, “as for those who have attained to Faith,

they know that it is the truth from their Sustainer.”

They know that Allah is the One True God,  who is the Lord

of all creation, and all of mankind,

and, He is ever compassionate towards his creatures.

And, Allah, The Most High, says,

“I am near, I respond to the person who calls unto Me, whenever he calls unto Me…”


And, thus does our Sustainer answer one’s prayer.


And, He does turn unto the supplicant “in Mercy,

for behold He is compassionate” towards mankind, “a Dispenser of Grace.”


“And, when the waters of Noah burst beyond all limits,

it was He who caused you to be brought to safety in the floating arc.”

And, in our daily lives He is ever near, to Guide us, to protect us.


For “Does thou know that it is God’s dominion over the heavens and the earth,

and that besides Him you have none to protect you or to bring you succour?”


For, it is in His hand who “rests the mighty dominion over all things,”

and it is He who it is that “protects” you from harm when you call unto Him.

Know that “God alone is The Protector," for all of mankind and all of creation,

"since it is He alone who can bring the dead to life,

and He alone has the power to do anything.”


“Thus it is, all protective power belongs to God alone, the True One. 

He is the best to grant recompense, and to determine what will be.”

For, He alone is the Creator of all things, our Cherisher, and Sustainer.

So call unto Allah, The “All- Powerful,”

 The “Most Compassionate,”

“The Most Merciful” Responder, who hears and answer prayer.


 His Love and Protection is Eternal and He is ever with you for He is The Alive,

The Ever Living Lord of mankind, and all creation,

and He is ever mindful of those who call unto Him and worship Him alone.


(Qur’an 2:112, 7:196, 9:128, 2:26, 2:256, 2:186, 9:117, 69:11, 18:44,
23:88, 29:41,42:9, 2:107, 60:7, 57:9, and 21:83)

II Glorification of Allah

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Allah is "The Lights of the Heavens and the Earth."

Our Guide, Our  Light, The Source of Peace.

"It is He who is the only deity in the Heavens and the earth."

Glorified is our Lord of Grace and Mercy who

causes His "Grace to alight upon whom He wills."

And, Blessed and Praised is He who

heals our hearts, and gives our lives "meaning and purpose."

For, "those who Believe in Him, and honor Him,"

....and follow the Light that

"has been bestowed from on High,"

and "follow humbly the paths
ordained for thee by Your Sustainer,"

the Paths of Compassion and Mercy,

"shall attain to a happy state."

For He is our Protector,

our Supporter,

our very reason for being.

(Qur'anic gems: 24:35, 67:1-2, 3:191, 43:84 and 7:157, 85:14, 16:69)

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Allah is One God, The Pure,

apart from Him there is no other.

He is "The Eternal" Creator!  The Vast! The Holy!

"The First" and "The Last."

And, "there is none like unto Him!"

The Lord of Majesty and Might!

Lord of All the Heavens and the Earth!

For "He neither begets, nor is begotten,"

and He is free of all need and of all sin.

He is a deity of purity and perfection,

and His  Names and His
"alone are Attributes of Perfection!"

 He alone is The Ever Forgiving 
Most Merciful Lord of All Creation!

He is "The Majestic" 


"The Pure!" 
"The Holy."

And, "there is no deity save Him."

And, He alone is worthy of all Praise and Worship!

And, whomsoever Allah Guides of His humble servants,

is upon Right Guidance from their Lord,

 Pure Guidance, pure Truth, The Qur'an,

and none can lead him astray!

For God is Pure Light and Guidance!

The Pure Truth! "The Truth from on High."

Blessed is He!  "The Holy,"  "The Pure."

And, all Creation rightly gives Allah, the Pure, 

Glorification and Praise!

May Allah, The Praised and Exalted, be pleased.

(based on Quranic passages: 42:11, 112:3, 7:180, 20:8, with Quranic concepts and Divine Names of Allah)

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Allah, The Praised and Exalted, created

"the earth" and "spread it out wide and strong…”

“and placed on it firm mountains,

and running streams…." 

and appointed thereon broad Paths" "so that you might find your way.”

"Glorified is He," and, "High,

"Most High," Most Great."

For, "It is He who provides for you in the Heaven and the Earth,"

and He alone Guides you “so that you might find your way.”

So verily, “join the mountains,”
and "extol His Limitless Glory," 

"The Glorious," "The Tremendous"
and likewise the birds,” for He is able to do all things."


And, “He bestows the full measure of His blessing”

to those who seek His Path, and have Faith,

and, “in this there are messages for those who” believe.


So, “Remember, then, Allah’s blessings…”

for unto Him, “is due all prayer owing to the Ultimate Truth.”


And, they who worship Him,

"it is they whom their Sustainer’s blessings

and grace are bestowed, and it is they whom are on the Right Path.”

So, sing “Praise of Allah,"

 and “likewise you birds!”

For,“ wide are His Hands outstretched out…”

The Ever "Giving," “The Glorious,” “The Great,”

and, “In Thy Hand is all good!”


(Qur’an:  15:19, 39:67, 27:64, 13:3,  27:8, 7:74, 16:15, 2:157, 16:81,
21:31, 34:10, 5:64, 13:14 and 3:26)

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

O Allah, "The King,"

 "Lord of The Throne, "  "Lord of Everything,"

Sovereign of the Qurash, 

"Lord of mankind."

The Glorious Sovereign,

"Lord of all the worlds."

Praised and Exalted,

venerated is He, 

and Most High, Most Great.

Even "the thunder extols His limitless glory,

as do the angels in awe of Him."

And, His "alone is all Majesty
in the Heavens and the Earth!"

"O God, Lord of All Dominion!"

Blessed and raised High is "The Majestic!"

"The King!"

The "Mighty ""Almighty, most Wise!"

"Lord of This House!"

And, "sublimely Exalted" are You,

for "no consort" have You "ever taken unto" Yourself,

nor a son!"

"Hallowed is" Your "Name,

full of Majesty and Glory!"

The Kingdom of all Creation is Yours.

As is "All Creation and All Command."

You alone are "established on The Throne

of Your Almightiness!"

"Hallowed" Are You,

O "Sustainer of all the worlds!"

We "remain truly devout unto" You,

and "prostrate" ourselves "in worship" to only You!

For, You "are the One God!"

"There is no deity save" You, O Allah!

We "bow down with those who bow down before You!"

For all Power, Knowledge and
The Kingdom is Yours!

Your  "Eternal Power overspreads

the Heavens and the earth."

Yours "is the dominion of the Heavens and the earth,

and all that is between them.

You alone Art

"The Lord of Might!"
""The Lord of the Throne!"

"The Lord of all the Heavens and the Earth!

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

God Art "The Fount of All Being."

Our "Creator," Our "Sustainer!"

The "Creator of all things."

Praised and Exalted is He, and High, Most High,

Most Great who is "The Giver of Life,"

and, "The Creator of Death."

"All Praise is due to Him,
who "breathes life into our chests," and is

The Originator of the Heavens and the Earth,"

who "created the Heavens and the Earth with an inner Truth!"

"It is He who has spread the earth wide,

and placed on it firm mountains, and running waters."

God, "descends down rain,"

and "gives life to the earth after it has been lifeless!"

"He causes crops to grow for you,  and olive trees,

and date palms, and grapes, and all other kinds of fruit."

"His dominion is over the Heavens and the earth,

and all that is in between them!

And, with Him is all Journey's end."

And, "there is no deity save Him!"

The "Ever Living", "The Eternal"

"The First," and "The Last"

"The Self-Subsistent"

"Fount of all being."

"His is all that is in the Heavens and the Earth."

"He Knows all that lies open before man,

and what lies hidden from them."

He "causes the sun to rise in the east,"

and "the dawn to break,"

And, "He causes the night to cover the day."

"He made the night to be stillness,

and the sun and the moon to run their appointed courses."

"His eternal power overspreads the Heavens and the Earth,

and their upholding wearies him not."

And, "He has the Power to will anything!"

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Allah "causes the angels to descend with divine inspiration

at His behest upon whomever He wills to."

And, He "sends you the glad tiding,

through the Word from Him."

He alone is "The Source of Guidance unto all the worlds!"

He is "The Lights of the Heavens and the Earth,"

and is "The Acceptor of Repentance, A Dispenser of Grace!"

And, He "is near unto those who have Faith" in Him,

"taking them out of the Deep Darkness into the Light."

And, "It is God who causes whomever

He wills to grow in purity," 

"He causes it to alight upon whomsoever

He wills of His Servants."

"Hence, he who rejects the power of evil,

and Believes in" God, "has indeed taken hold of a

most unfailing support,

which shall never give way!"

And, "if God should touch someone with misfortune,

none can remove it save Him."

But, "if He intends good for you,

there is none who could turn away His Bounty!"

But, Ar Rabb "amply rewards the doers of good," with Paradise

"those who Believe in" Him," 

in the angels, and the Prophets, 

those who Believe in "the Last Day,

and who do righteous good deeds!"

"We extol Thy Limitless Glory, and Praise Thee,"

O Lord "God!"

"Hallowed be Thy Name!"

Praised and Exalted are You,

The Most High.

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)
"All Praise is" Yours "alone, 

O Sustainer of all the worlds!"


(Qur'an gems: 2:255, 35:1, 6:14, 13:3, 39:5, 5:18, 31:34, 30:19, 16:11, 6:96, 3:2, 3:45, 3:96 , 24:35, 35:1, 2:258, 16:2, 2:257, 4:49, 10:107, 2:58, 6:17, 2:256, 2:62, 2:30, 1:2, with Divine Names and Attributes as discovered by Shayk Abu Abdu-r-Rahman Nasir as Sadi )

A creative work by Anne Janan

This is a website based on the Hadith of the 99 Names to understand the religion of Islam.



In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Praise and Blessings are to Allah alone,

The Most Great, Al Azim,

The Most Glorious!

For He is the One "who upholds the planets in their celestial abode,"

and "holds the birds aloft in the sky."

'Even the birds sing Praise of Him,"

as do the angels in Heaven who "extol His limitless Glory."

And, He is the One "who causes the sun to rise in the east,

and to set in the west,"

and is the Lord of them,  "The Lord of Mankind,"

"The Lord of Everything!"

"Glorified is Allah and Praised is He,

Glorified is Allah, The Most Great," Al Azim

"The Most Glorious."

"Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is noted as saying: Verily, there are ninety-nine names for Allah" (the Praised and Exalted.)  He who reflects upon them and prays upon them will enter into Paradise.

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

(In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

        O Merciful Allah, At-Rashid, The Guide.

Sovereign Lord of all creation!

You alone are the Guide to the Right Path,

the Path of the Most Exalted in Might,

The Path of Light and Righteousness! 

Your Noble Word is Guidance and Wisdom. 

Seal not our hearts
to the Light and Truth,

and forgive us our sins.

And, Guide us to the Right Path,

the Path whom You have bestowed Your Blessings.

O Heavenly Sustainer!

To You belongs all Thanks and Praise!

For it is You whom we Adore,

who created us, and those before us,

so that we might learn Righteousness.

And,You accept of our Repentance, and show us The Light...


You give of Your Mercy and Bounty.

We Believe in You, the One True God, to guide us aright,

The Guide, Ar Rashid,

And, we worship You alone.

Help us to reject evil,

 and to be strong and enduring in Faith.

And, help us to be ever thankful to You

for all the Blessings You have bestowed upon us!

Blessings of a fine life, a fine earth, 

and a Most Forgiving God!

There is none like unto You, O Lord!

Praised and exalted are You!

 O Heavenly Sustainer,

and Guide to the Right Path!

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

O Allah,

Al-Hakam, "The Best to Judge,"

(Praised and Exalted is He, and High, Most Great)

The Best Determiner of All Affairs!

You Art the Just, The Most Merciful Judge!

And, if Paradise is due, You will never withhold it!

And, You alone Know the hearts of mankind,

You alone Know what lies concealed,

and what is not.

For You are the All Knowing, Judge of all creation.

We worship Thee alone, and we rely upon only You

for Justice and Fairness! 

For You Art Al Adl, the Just,

the Judge, al Hakam.

And, You art the Glorious Merciful Sovereign!

"There is none like unto You!"

"There is no one equal to,

or comparable to You,"

O Allah!

Praise be to You, O Allah, The Judge!

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

(select Qur'an passages:  42:11 and 112:4)
(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

We "Believe in what was bestowed from on High,"

and "ackowledge the Truth of God's Messages."

 Behold! "God is Witness" "unto everthing,"

and "to all you do."

"We believe in God,

and bear witness."
"We have surrendered" ourselves, "unto Him."

To Allah..."The Just" "Witness,"
"The All Knowing" deity.

And, "none can bear witness like God does."

For, "He alone is the Exalted,  Tremendous!"

He alone knows all that is in the Heavens,

and the earth."

"Not does a leaf but fall, but that He Knows it."

We are "constant in prayer" to God,

"and render the purifying zakah," in charity as we can,
"for whatever

good deed you send ahead for yourselves,

you will discover it again with God."

For, "Behold, Allah sees all that you do!"

And, "with God are both rewards in this life,

and in the life yet to come."

For, verily, Allah is the "All Hearing,

All Seeing" Witness.

"The Knower of the Unseen, and the Visible!"

(Qu'ran gems: 3:52, 3:53, 3:98, 4:33, 4:79,
4:134, 2:110, 6:59, 3:29, and 6:73) 


 (In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


An Nasir, 

God, "The Helper," Most High, Most Great,

is near unto those" who have Faith in Him,

who need help in their time of need,

"taking them out of Deep Darkness into the Light…"

And, God is the Best to bring aid,

to bring succour to those who "call unto Him."

And, He wants to lighten your burdens,

 for mankind was created weak.

 And, He will not burden anyone with more than 
one is well able to bear.

O our Merciful Sustainer!

"Take us not to task if we ...unknowingly do wrong!" 

And, help us to live our lives Righteously,

in Peace, and kindness with our brethren.

And, Please do not "lay not upon us a burden such

as Thou did lay upon those who lived before us!"

And, Make us not bear burdens 

that we have no strength to bear!

And Forgive us our sins,  

and grant us Your Divine Help,

 and Forgiveness,

for You alone Art the Most Forgiving,
Most Merciful God.

 And, bestow Thy Mercy, 

Thy Strength, 

and Your Divine Assistance upon us,

For Thou art our Lord Supreme!

 Help us, then, against people who deny the Truth,

and who reject Faith.

 For it is God...

 "that saves you from the dark dangers of land

 and sea when you call unto Him humbly,

 and in the secrecy of your own hearts."

O Nasir,

if You will "but save us from this distress,

we shall most certainly be among the grateful."

You Truly Art the Most "Compassionate,"

"The Most Merciful "

towards all of Your creations!


O Allah, An Nasir, You alone are

 a Dispenser of Grace and Mercy!

The Most Loving, "Helper!

(In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

O, Allah, Al Muhit, 
Praised and Exalted are You,

Most High, Most Great,

The All Encompassing,

 The Vast!

"And, Yours alone are Attributes of Perfection!"

"Hallowed be Thy Name for it is full of Majesty and Glory!"

You alone are The Lord "God!" 

Our Creator,

and "
Originator of all the Heavens and the Earth!"

"Hallowed be He in whose hand all dominion rests!"

You Art The Sovereign Lord of all Creation!

 "My" only "Sustainer!"

You "brought into being" all "the Heavens and the Earth!"

And, Yours alone are  hose of "Divine Powers!"

You alone are "The Almighty, the Most Wise!" 'The Majestic!"

 "All Majesty in the Heavens and the Earth" is Yours!

O, "Lord of All the Heavens and the Earth!"

 The All Powerful Al Qadir, The All Knowing Creator Al Khaliq,

Al Khalaq,

and "Sustainer of the Heavens and The Earth!"

You Art The Majestic and Noble Lord of All Creation!

And, Yours "is All Creation and All Command!"

And, You alone have "the Power to Will anything!"

You but say unto creation, "Be", and it is,"

O "Lord of Everything!"

You Art our All Encompassing Creator.

"There is no God save" You.

You are our only Protector!  You... Our only "Originator"

You...Our only "Sustainer!"

All Praise is due to You alone.

 All Power, and All Knowledge is Yours.

And, Your "Eternal Power" and Eternal Glory

"overspreads" all "the Heavens and the earth!"

And, "all dominion in the Heavens and the Earth" is Yours!

You Art Worthy of All Worship,

For You Art The All Knowing,
The All Encompassing, Creator and Sustainer!

"We extol Your limitless Glory," Lord God!

Glory be to You, O Allah, al Muhit!

The All Encompassing!  The Most Great!

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

(Qur'an 7:180, 55:78, 67:1, 20:90, and 18:38)

O Allah, Al Muhaymin!  Al Wali,
Praised and exalted,

How Great Thou Art, O Great Protector! "The Ever Watchful"

"All Protective Power belongs to" You alone!

And, You, O Lord,  Art our Protecting Friend,
The Most Merciful Lord God,

who, when we ask for protection, and help,

  are always near! 

You, are our only Protector! 

You, our only Sustainer! 

And, You alone "respond to the call of the person

who calls unto You,

whenever they call unto You."

And, You are the best to protect,
"the best to bring succour!"

For You Art the Most Watchful

Protective Lord, 

Al Muhaymin! Al Wali:

The All Powerful, The Almighty God!

"He is Allah other than whom none has the right to be worshipped.

The King, The Holy, The Peace, The Giver

of Security, The Ever Watchful, The Almighty,

The Compeller, The Supreme.

Glory be to Allah!

High is He above all they may associate as partners with Him."

There is "none is like unto You,"

O "Al Muhaymin," "Al Wali"

For You have the "Power to Will anything" and 

the power to watch over and protect us all.

Glory be to You, O Allah, Al Muhaymin! Al Wali,

The Ever Watchful Protector.

You Art the Greatest!  All Power is Yours!

 You alone are worthy of all Thanks and Praise!

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

(Qur'anic gems: 18:44, 2:186, 2:107, 4:141, 42:11, and 3:29)

"In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


"The Lights of the Heavens and the earth"

The beautiful Light, 

"The Peace." 

"The Source."

Praised and Exalted is He, and High,

"Most High," "Most Great."

Paradise," with rivers flowing beneath." 

"The Great Attainment" 

"The Eternal Refuge."

The prize of Paradise, and seeing the Face of Allah for the first time.

The beautiful Light, The Peace.

The Beauty of His Face.

Glory to Allah!

"The Glorious" "The Tremendous"

"The One True God."

"The One to whom we return."





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