Glory to You, O Lord, and Blessed is Your Majesty. 
There is no God besides You.
I seek refuge with God, from the condemned devil.

Sustainer of the Earth

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious,  Most Merciful)

“Hallowed is God," “The Sustainer of the earth,"

"The Sustainer of the Heavens," The Sustainer of all the worlds:"

our Revered and Honored Creator and Sustainer.

Praised and Exalted is He, Most High, Most Great.

Blessed is He “who created the Heavens and the earth in six aeons,”

and all that is on them,

“brought them into being,” and sustains them. 


“Enthroned in His Almightiness” is our "Creator" and "Sustainer,"

who “covers the day with the night in swift pursuit,

with the sun and the moon and the stars subservient to His command."


And, He alone is “The Creator of all things,”
who governs “all that exists," and sustains them.

And, "His is all creation and command."

And, God bestowed all of this upon mankind

as "Signs from on High,

as a means of insight for thee,”

so that you might worship Him, and give Him thanks and praise.


“Worship, then, Him alone, and remain steadfast in His worship.”

For, “ Dost thou know any whose name is worthy
to be mentioned side by side with His?”


No! For, “There is none like unto Him,” 

no deity but Him.

And, “Utterly remote” is He, “in His Glory!”


Even “the angels extol their Sustainer’s limitless Glory and praise,

and ask for forgiveness for all who are on earth.”


“And thus, all Praise is due to God, 

The Sustainer of the Heavens,

The Sustainer of the earth...

The Sustainer of all the worlds.”



(Qur’an:  7:54, 45:36,  21:56, 13:16, 10:3, 17:102, 19:65, 43:82, 42:5)

A reflection by Anne Janan
per Hadith of 99 Names of Allah (Praised and Exalted is He)

These are some of My Writings to Paradise pursuant to the Hadith of the 99 Names of Allah.  Thank you for reading.

I received a message yesterday from one of our readers dated 4/23/17, yes, I speak English, and some Spanish, Arabic and Italian.  However, not very good in any particular one (sorry about the grammar or spelling! ha!)  My writings are American writings based on translations of Arabic text (no longer available.)

In any event, the rules of Asma wa al Safat are a bit different in structure than say other American religious poetry.  If you read Hon. Muhajadeen's work (who I recommend and some consider to be a saint) Husna tafsir is very different in sentence structure and content.  His works are composed completely of Divine Names at times to allow the reader to conceptually visualize our Lord, with no other words in between.  So, in my religious works, you may see several divine Names of Allah in a row, (like the above triple set) - Praised and Exalted is He, and Most High -  while in regular American poetry you do not.  Thanks for writing!  Have a nice day.    Salaam alaikum- or peace be with or upon you - Anne

May Allahwatallah - The Appreciative, The All Knowing - be pleased with my works.
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